EnBW – Optimizing Service Design and Service Transition Processes

Based on an audit of the service design and transition processes of EnBW Systeme Infrastructure Support GmbH, Enterprise Networks developed an optimization approach for these processes.

In a first step architecture and technology constraints for service design were identified. Then technology standards and technology combinations respectively were defined. To secure cooperation among the various organizational units involved in service design and transition processes OLAs for various activities within these processes were established. These OLAs specified execution details for each activity and defined target processing times. Consequentially overall cycle times for each process could be derived. Processes were further depicted in EPC notation with the ARIS tool set.

The work results were provided as input for the development of a new order management system for improved planning and control of internal IT work orders. Finally the new service design and transition processes were taken into operation together with a monitoring system to determine relevant key performance indicators for process quality and efficiency.




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